How To Prevent a New Mother from Eating Her Babies? Guinea pigs are docile small animals. How Can I Prevent Guinea Pigs From Eating Their Babies? After three weeks, baby guinea pigs can be separated from their mother and placed with other guinea pigs or their owner. They are basically saying . (And Other Key Terms), How Often Should You Clean a Guinea Pigs Cage? A great way to get help raising your first litter successfully, and in recognising potential problems quickly, is by enlisting the support of a mentor. The Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat is the recommended size (minimum of 8 square feet) and has deep sides around the edges that make it difficult for the baby guinea pigs to crawl out of. It can be a little surprising to witness, but its completely normal and nothing to be alarmed about. 3 hours ago WebBaby Guinea Pig Diet The first week of life is critical. A healthy pup will resist and move away from the mother, alerting her of her mistake. When a guinea pig mom is caring for her babies, she teaches them the necessary skills they need to survive in the world. If separated from their parents, they may become anxious and depressed. Once labor is established, all the pups usually arrive within half an hour. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Aggression between two newly introduced guinea pigs is very common and If your guinea pig is finding it hard to deal with the change of a new cage mate, try engaging him in more interaction with you than ever before. However, there is no definitive answer as to whether or not this is true. Orphans should be fed by an eyedropper or pet nurse within the first 12 to 24 hours of life. If your sow has eaten her own babies, you may want to consider changing her living conditions. When female guinea pigs eat their babies, they can do so because they are excessively hungry and because they are under a lot of stress that they cannot handle. Each birth is spaced out every 3 5 minutes. This is extremely taxing on the body of the female guinea pig and dangerous to her. Soak guinea pig pellets in water from the first day of life. Lets explain why guinea pigs may eat their babies. They will begin to wriggle and move about as soon as theyve been licked clean by their mom. Within twenty-four hours they can start to eat grass, produce, hay, and pellet feed just like adults. At the end of the day we removed the fleece bedding, washed it and replaced it with a fresh fleece liner. And baby guinea pigs are capable of joining in from a very young age. Guinea pigs can recognize their owners and other people they know and trust. However, in captivity that shouldnt happen at all because responsible pet owners keep them separate from pregnant and lactating sows and their babies. How Few Is Too Few? Another challenge that people face is that they may not be able to tell if the guinea pig is sick or not. Some times, she shows me her displeasure if I have been away overnight and my neighbors fed her. If a baby guinea pig is orphaned, it is essential to find a surrogate mom as soon as possible. How do you tell if a baby guinea pig is a boy or girl? Individuals will be starting to show their own distinct personalities too. Baby guinea pigs for adoption are usually a little cheaper than guinea pigs for sale, and often come with a clean bill of health from a vet. Do not over-handle the mother or you could cause her stress which will lead . The same goes for males. Why Do Guinea Pigs Sometimes Eat Their Young? Its easy to achieve in the first two weeks by keeping the whole litter together with their mom, but next week its time to start thinking about separating them. Witkowska, A. et al, The Effects of Diet on Anatomy, Physiology and Health in the Guinea Pig, Journal of Animal Health and Behavioural Science, 2017. Can a Guinea Pig Baby Live Without the Mother? By giving them enough time with their mother, you reduce the risk that she will reject them. For guinea pigs to reproduce, a male guinea pig needs to fertilize the female. Hamsters and rats are famous for such practice. However, dont keep them in the same cage for long. You can also give them a comfortable place to sleep, like a bed or hammock. How do I know when my guinea pig is ready to give birth? Pettijohn, T. F., Attachment and Separation Distress in the Infant Guinea Pig, Developmental Psychobiology, 1979. Yes, guinea pigs miss their owners. By their second week, you wont be able to miss how much your baby guinea pigs have grown already. (2010, July 22). But another remarkable thing about baby guinea pigs is just how grown up their appetites are! Other causes of hair loss due to underlying medical conditions such as ovarian cysts may occur as a result of hormonal distress. Explain to them that they have not been replaced or that their babies have replaced your guinea pig. If you have a pregnant guinea pig, consider giving the her cage an upgrade, so she can take care of her pups comfortably. Do guinea pigs get attached to their owners? They need it in unlimited amounts, as it helps them keep their teeth trimmed and ensures the proper functioning of their sensitive digestive system. An inexperienced sow might accidentally damage her young with her teeth whilst trying to clean them up after the birth. They need to stay with their mother guinea pigs and suck their milk, but they will quickly become active. Wed love to hear about your experiences in the comment section below! View our privacy policy and our disclosure policy for more information. This is a question that many guinea pig owners have. If a stillborn is not removed from the cage promptly, it might be eaten fairly quickly by the mother. So, its possible for their mother (especially if shes inexperienced with babies) to kill them with too much force. Thankfully, its only done when the mother feels she doesnt have any other option. Baby guinea pigs are unique in that they are born with their eyes open! Guinea Pigs do best when living with at least one similar companion, and pets that live without another Guinea pig sometimes become lonely and depressed. She is then back to cuddles and snuggles. My mission is to teach others useful tips and tricks about these cute creatures. Compared to other rodents, guinea pigs (both in captivity and in the wild) will very rarely choose to eat their offspring. Dont separate them from their mother too soon. This can be very misleading especially when it comes to motherhood as many animals eat their offspring in certain circumstances. But most people think of it as being around four weeks old, when they reach sexual maturity. Walter or Bob These guinea pigs sound like they should be wearing business suits on Wall Street. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . It is fine to carefully handle your new guinea pig pups during their first week, but be sure to allow them plenty of time with their mother as well. Make sure that your guinea pig babies are able to reach the water bottle sipper. This may confirm why male guinea pigs eat baby guinea pigs, Guinea pigs are stressed out during placenta feeding and may eat the babies thinking its the postpartum part, They lack food and energy after their babies are born. Do guinea pigs miss their babies? That is a common myth and is not true. On average, baby guinea pigs come in litters of 2-4, and weigh 70-115g. If this happens, pop them back in with her, and visit again later. Lots of small animals (think rats and rabbits) have reputations for being prolific breeders. If you look after the guinea pig mother regularly, she will allow you to touch her baby guinea pigs. Female guinea pigs have a Y-shaped opening close to their anus. Also, male guinea pig may kill the babies if he doesnt recognize them as his own offspring. Can the male guinea pig stay with the mother and babies? Although piggies are so cute, you cant always be there to have a staring contest with them. The all natural Piggies Choice Hay Racks are available finally! ), Guinea pigs can suffer from running lice. Sometimes it happens accidentally. If the mother is experiencing starvation , she may eat her offspring as an ultimate last resort. Every baby guinea pig needs its mothers milk, which provides enough nutrition during the first crucial days of their lives. In a pet situation, the male may be in the same guinea pig cage as the female and her newborns, and there is no way for the mother to move the pups away from . Here you'll find the juicy goods to care for your little friends WITHOUT making your brain short-circuit. For example, guinea pigs are born with their eyes open, and their ears which look huge at the moment can already hear. We found the following cage on Amazon that worked really well. It can therefore be tempting to pick up and cuddle the little babies right away! Wanna Give Your Piggies the 5 STAR Treatment? RELATED: CLICK HERE for 99 cute guinea pig names to help you choose. They can impregnate mom and sisters! While guinea pigs are usually docile, friendly and social creatures, adult males should not be around the babies under any circumstances. Can Rabbits Eat Grapes Pros And Cons of Grapes For Rabbits. The importance of understanding whether or not guinea pigs miss their babies cannot be overstated. A fully grown guinea pig is between 20 and 25 cm long. This can harm the guinea pigs health, as they may become stressed or depressed. Male guinea pigs have a donut-shaped opening. The good news is that its unlikely for your pregnant pet to eat her offspring. Male baby guinea pigs have a donut-shaped genital opening in front of their anus. This can be startling and upsetting. When you pick them up secure one hand beneath the stomach and one under the bottom and hold close to your chest. Its natural for you and me to humanize the behavior of animals. We were stressed out during this time because we did not want to have another unexpected guinea pig pregnancy. Most guinea pigs cages are designed for adult guinea pigs with a one inch space between the bars. You don't have to be a professional breeder . You have to remember that these babies are coming out of the womb ready to run around the cage and have fun very quickly. New Plymouth Vet Group. But usually, mom will begin to discourage her babies from nursing at about the 3rd week. Female guinea pigs dont intentionally eat their babies nor do they kill them to eat them. Try brushing your pets coats regularly as this can create soothing and pleasant connecting experiences. Yes, female guinea pigs do nurse their young for a few weeks after birth. On average, baby guinea pigs come in litters of 2-4, and weigh 70-115g. Three weeks marks the earliest point at which pups may stop nursing from their mother. Yes, guinea pigs eat their babies albeit very rarely, mostly by accident. the babies are doing so well and are so healthy.#guineapig #babies #cuteSong: Sapphe. When you do approach the a baby guinea pig, be careful to move slowly and gently. Certainly not, they only remember their parents for a particular period. It's particularly common when introducing new guinea pigs for the first time. All of the babies are usually born within 30 minutes once labor begins. Once they die, she might eat them. However, they can seriously injure them when they recognize that the babies are not theirs, also because they are intimidated and territorial. Popcorning is an incredibly descriptive term to describe the frenzied bursts of energetic jumping, bumping and hopping about that guinea pigs engage in. This blog will give you some helpful tips on how to make this a wonderful experience. They might surprise you with how busy and outgoing they are too. One reason why a guinea pig mother might eat one of her pups is that she is extremely malnourished. Cage size Will the baby guinea pigs be able to escape? Stress can cause guinea pigs to eat their babies, and stress-induced cannibalism is also very common in guinea pigs, and unfortunately, quite unavoidable at times.Do your best to keep them well fed and give them plenty of rest so they can stay calm. Having a guinea pig as a pet is a wonderful experience. I make sure to take good care of all the animals that come into my life. Unlike many other animals in the animal kingdom, guinea pigs are not self-sufficient. Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Babies if You Touch Them? (Find Out Now), 10 Reliable Cage Liners for Guinea Pigs (What You Need to Know), Do Guinea Pigs Hibernate? We placed an additional water bottle in the cage so that we could position it low enough for the babies to reach it. Remember to remove any they leave, as it will spoil quickly. But, theres some things you can do to help your fur baby return to a comfortable atmosphere, and to prevent this from happening again in the future. Yes, it is okay to touch your new baby guinea pigs. Find The Best Deals on Your Favorite guinea pig Products and Save! When your guinea pig is pregnant they need more food than usual, and its surprisingly easy to give them less than what they need. The babies shouldn't be separated from their mothers for at least a month. A female needs to give birth for the first time before the age of 7 months. Although guinea pigs occasionally sneeze, frequent sneezing is a sign of pneumonia, especially in response to climate change. We hope you found this article helpful about what to expect when expecting newborn baby guinea pigs! (n.d.). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It is also quite normal for baby guinea pigs to whine when approached by a much bigger and older guinea pig. But, when a pet parent has makes an intentional choice to breed, its really not worth the risk in most cases. One of which is probably: Will your guinea pig eat her babies? Guinea pig pregnancies are dangerous and the mortality rate is high both among guinea pig mothers and babies. If one or two guinea pig pups seem to suddenly vanish from their cage, it doesnt necessarily mean theyve been eaten. In situations where one of your guinea pigs crosses the rainbow bridge leaving one behind, the guinea pig left behind might not be so receptive to a new cage mate. However, they will continue to feed on their mothers milk as well. Im guessing you probably have a lot of questions about guinea pig pregnancies. For the first 2-3 weeks , they will rely on their mother for milk. Pups from small litters are usually bigger than pups from large litters. Guinea pigs can eat a lot of different types of fruit. All rights reserved. Guinea pigs are social animals and do best when kept in pairs or groups. If you have an affectionate male guinea pig, you can introduce the babies when they are in the same cage. Extreme Stress -. Usually, the mother will eat the baby right after it's born. If your guinea pig consistently has enough extra food, the chances of her needing to eat her pups drop to near zero. In general, the color of Abyssinian guinea pigs is associated with congenital eye defects and digestive problems. But recognising the biological reasons why it occurs makes it easier to avoid. No matter how cute baby guinea pigs are, one litter at a time should be plenty for most people to think about. Giving birth is very stressful for the guinea pig mother and the babies. More research must be conducted to determine whether or not guinea pigs truly miss their babies when they are apart. But if you have a tiny little guinea pig with a noteworthy squeak, this name is pretty darn adorable. At first your guinea pig baby may seem afraid when you pick him up. This little interaction will enable him warm to the introduction of a new cage mate better. (And yes, its one of the more gruesome animal interactions in the wild.). Although its very uncommon, there is still a possibility that a mother guinea pig will engage in filial cannibalism. Other genetic diseases include vaulting disease, stroke, and seizures. (Such as blood and remaining body parts). Guinea pig babies are born looking like mini versions of their mama. Newborn guinea pigs should be kept with their mom for at least 3 weeks. Check out these most popular guinea pig products on the market: Last update on 2023-02-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Guinea pig babies can walk, see, and hear, as soon as they are born, and most start nibbling on solid foods within a few days. It is perfectly fine to handle your new guinea pigs within the first week. I'm currently a pet groomer, and I love it. The best thing you can do is provide adequate and proper nutrition to the new guinea pig mother. If one or two guinea pig pups suddenly vanish from their cage, it doesnt necessarily mean theyve been eaten, especially if its been more than twenty four hours. i've been keeping this a secret for over a week now!! These small pets need a lot of food and nutrition. They need supervised time out of their cages each day to run around and exercise. Guinea pigs eat their babies not because they want to kill them for food but for other reasons. They have small bodies and big eyes. Spaying a female guinea pig can be a risky procedure that not all veterinarians are willing to attempt. So your guinea pig is pregnant. i am so excited!!! Guinea pigs are different from many other species; they are born with teeth and fur, and almost immediately they can see and walk around. Guinea pigs are fragile animals at any age but especially during their early days of life. Guinea pigs make the best mothers and give puppies the best chance of survival. A typical guinea pig pup weighs between 60 and 115 grams and measures close to 3 to 5 inches long. Just keep your little friend with other females only. Guinea pigs and other rodents do not eat their babies because they are hungry. Every few hours for the first few days, you should hand-feed the baby guinea pig: mesh pellets or supplement powder, and if you have grown guinea pigs, also add a fecal . Getting guinea pigs used to handling from an early age is an important part of rearing confident, relaxed pets. This is because, in the wild, guinea pigs are usually found in herds, so you should try to create that level of interaction for your domesticated guinea pigs. Make sure any seller houses male and female guinea pigs separately, or there could be a chance you'll take home a pregnant female. And all the behaviors theyll need to carry out for themselves instead of having performed for them by mom like grooming will be well established. However, you shouldnt touch the babies right after they are born. Medical Disclaimer. Besides, guinea pigs should eat about 1/8 of pellets, and about a cup of a mixture of herbs, vegetables, and fruits, but all in moderate amounts. Babies grow fast. This is an essential process as it helps to ensure that the young guinea pigs can develop properly. Dont be surprised if your pup lets out a little chirp as a means of asking for food! Sometimes, male Guinea pigs will eat pups if they were fathered by another cavy. I've always been an animal lover, and I've worked in the pet industry. However, both males and females can mature and be fertile even earlier. Bartesaghi, R., Severi, S., Effects of early environment on field CA2 pyramidal neurons in the guinea-pig, Neuroscience, 2004. If you carefully run a finger over the area, you should be able to feel the shaft of their penis under the skin. During our research we learned that there are two possible reasons why: Malnourished - not getting enough to eat of the right kinds of food Back to back pregnancies - due to nutrient deficiencies This was one question that had me really worried. Guinea pigs eating babies is a rare but possible occurrence. Yet, sometimes, guinea pigs can eat their babies. Donnelly, T. M. and Brown, C. J., Guinea Pig and Chinchilla Care and Husbandry, Veterinary Clinics Exotic Animal Practice, 2004. They will continue to nurse from mom for somewhere between three and six weeks. Guinea pig babies are called "pups" when they are born and are birthed into litters. If it is found that they experience sadness after their young have been weaned, it would suggest that we take extra care in handling this process. We hope youve enjoyed this in depth article about cute baby guinea pigs!Guinea pig pups are quite unlike most other baby animals. terry labonte daughter, queen ethelburga's scholarship,
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